About Justyna

Justyna Kalka is a qualified nutritionist, fitness lover and martial arts expert.

Her great passion is educating, inspiring and assisting her clients on their journey to optimal health. She believes that true vitality comes from a careful balance of real food, right mind set and healthy dose of movement.

Justyna is a practising nutritionist in Albert Park and holds a degree in Nutritional Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health where she is also a local campus ambassador.

She is a black belt Hapkido instructor at the Hapkido and Sun Do Academy in Melbourne.

Lover of healthy living and mother to a beautiful little girl, Justyna has a special interest in helping mums create a healthy food culture at home.

Her own past experiences with eating disorders, depression and body image issues led her to what is now a true passion to inspire women of all ages to a deep sense of self confidence, health, strength and vitality in a body they love and appreciate.

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