​Ancient Superfoods for the Modern Superhero

by Justyna | August 28th, 2014 — Health Food

Our modern life seems to be getting crazier with every passing year. Feels like we need super human powers just to make it through a busy week. More gadgets, more distractions, more deadlines, more projects, more things to attend, more phone calls to make, more emails to respond to. We bargain with life for some quality down time, if we’re smart about our health, we try to replenish our minds spirits and bodies regularly.

Still, we are often left with an overwhelming feeling that we are barely keeping our busy heads above the water. Our schedules and lifestyles are demanding our energy, clarity of mind and focus. Energy, which is hard to produce by sheer willpower. As our lives got busier, food faster, our state of health declined, our waistlines expanded and energy plummeted. Although we live longer, we get sick earlier. Sour tasting truth. Overweight and undernourished. Fatigue and lethargy are the order of business, just get through to the next coffee break and a muffin! Certainly not the recipe for long lasting health and vitality.

If that’s you at any point in the week, grab yourself that coffee because I need your attention and read on…

We demand more of our physical bodies and brilliant brains today than the generations before us as our lives are ever expanding, but we ought to remember not to drive ourselves to the ground. Dietary prevention is better than medical intervention, when you left it too late!

Luckily, there is a bright new day in the world of health and nutrition. On the upside of all the modern craziness is the fact that we are truly on the leading edge of discovering our nutrition potential. We have the knowledge, technology and access to the most incredible quality foods from around the globe, previously impossible. More and more people are opening up to the idea of natural health, organic produce and food as our preventative medicine. Superfoods is the new sexy word flooding the market, but is there really something in it or is it just clever marketing?

Whats the hype about? Scientists are making ongoing discoveries about the vast benefits of consuming these, so called super foods. They are in fact extremely nutrient dense and super nourishing for our brain, immune system, bones, muscles, skin, hair, nails, reproductive system, liver, lungs and pancreas. The regular consumption of these Superfoods will help correct nutrient deficiencies. They promote weight loss and help ease you into a better, more natural diet, while detoxifying your body. No willpower necessary.

Whether you strive for an increased performance at work, sport, fitness routine, studies, bedroom, or you are a busy parent, superfoods are your super charged “superhero” fuel.

These superfoods are among the most potent, nutrient-dense substances, acting both as a food and a medicine. They are a nutritional booster source of protein, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, coenzymes, beneficial fats, glyconutrients and polysaccharides. They improve serotonin production, alkalize cellular environment, help energy production and enhance sexual function. Introducing these foods into your diet will make you one happy, healthy, sexy, energetic modern superhero!

My top 3 favourite superfoods:

  • Cacao
  • Coconuts and coconut products
  • Maca


Cacao, the original raw chocolate. Despite the bad rep of processed chocolate, which really has nothing to do with the real thing, raw cacao has plentiful of health benefits. When I discovered there was a totally guilt free way to enjoy chocolate… best news ever! And not just that! The cacao bean is the Nature’s number one weight-loss and energy food! No it’s not a typo. But do remember, we are talking here real raw cacao, minus the processing, sugar, dairy and additives of commercial chocolate, its man-made, junk off spring, in which most of cacao’s special properties are lost. Raw cacao is one of the best natural food sources of antioxidants and magnesium. It is also a great source of Iron, Chromiuim, Zinc and manganese. Raw cacao contains significant quantities of tryptophan, essential amino acid crucial for the production of serotonin, the primary neurotransmitter in the human body responsible for our stress response and mood regulation, keeping us happy and resilient to damaging effects of stress. Raw Cacao brings hope for all chocoholics out there. You can now switch your cravings for processed chocolate into a super nutritional boost that raw chocolate offers.


Coconut oil and butter have been used as food and medicine since the dawn of civilization. Its abundance of health benefits and delicious flavor make them a great addition to our modern diet.

To list just a few benefits, coconuts are valuable immune boosters, containing healthy antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial fatty acids, helping to fight off viruses, bacteria and fungal overgrowths.

The medium chain fatty acids they contain support the function of thyroid gland, the nervous system, and the integumentary system (skin). They are also important as building blocks of every cell in human body and provide an excellent source of energy.

Coconuts are the ultimate beautifying food and are great for our hormones too! They are a nutritional precursor to pregnenolone, an anti-aging compound. Because they enhance the thyroid function, they help the body drop excess fat and accumulated toxins. They increase metabolic function and help weight loss.

Fresh coconut water is great for rehydration and a great nutritional source and tonic for all age groups, including infants and elderly. It contains organic compounds with growth promoting properties, excellent for increasing muscle size and general physical growth in children.

Topical application of coconut oil helps soothe rashes, skin irritations and infections. It can also be applied to gums and teeth to kill off germs and promote healthy mouth and normalize oral pH.


Maca is a powerful superfood, an enhancer of strength, stamina and libido. It supports the endocrine system, the adrenals and the thyroid. It also acts as an adaptogen, which means it helps our bodies “adapt” to stress of physical, biological or chemical nature. It balances body’s hormone and neurotransmitter production, improving one’s mood. Research shows that maca increases energy, endurance, physical resistance, and amount of oxygen in the blood. This Peruvian root has a high nutritional value providing macro and micro nutrients, and traces of 31 different minerals. Maca is known to improve conditions such as chronic fatigue, malnutrition, infertility, lack of libido, menstrual and menopausal symptoms, poor memory and tension due to stress.

You can use maca powder in smoothies, nut milks, teas, coffee, or any other beverage. You may also add it to soups, broths, salad dressings and desserts. Maca is wonderful when combined with our other superfood, cacao. Mix maca into all your raw chocolate treats to make one potent Superhero food.

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