Sugar trap!

Im not going to sugar-coat it for you! As we are SLOWLY redefining our understanding about FAT and it's crucial role in a healthy diet and metabolism, the advice that was given to us over the last 30 years, to avoid fat at all cos...

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by Justyna | 22 March 2015 | Health Food

How to make dairy free ice-cream

Learn how to make dairy free ice cream. So simple and so very good!

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by Justyna | 05 November 2014 | Health Food

The fountain of youth - antioxidants

Most common diseases that cripple our society today are associated with a shortage of antioxidant nutrients. The conventional diet, unfortunately is rarely providing us with enough. Antioxidant deficiency is a common cause of accele...

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by Justyna | 26 October 2014 | Health Food

Natural Beauty Oils

Want to know how to use natural oils in your beauty routine? Watch the video to discover three completely natural fats you can use in the kitchen and on your skin!

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by Justyna | 22 October 2014 | Health Food

​Ancient Superfoods for the Modern Superhero

Our modern life seems to be getting crazier with every passing year. Feels like we need super human powers just to make it through a busy week. More gadgets, more distractions, more deadlines, more projects, more things to attend, more phone c...

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by Justyna | 28 August 2014 | Health Food